June 18, 2009

a new cookie love....

Acouple of weeks ago my girlfriend (who is 'normal' ie not coeliac) emailed to me tell me that I had to try these triple treat brownie cookies because they were pretty awesome and yesterday after scouring the shelves at the new Coles Claremont I bought a pack as my 'eat with a coffee @ work' treat.

Well, lets just say I'm limiting myself to 2 at a time cos they are pretty rich due to the rather generous bottom coated in dark chocolate as well as the choc cookie with choc chips in and DRIZZLED in chocolate too! Sheesh... more like overload cookie to me! But oh, yum, it is certainly a new fave, in fact it reminds me of chocolate tiny teddies if you coated in dark chocolate.

I'm thinking of stocking the work cookie jar up with them and seeing if anyone notices they're GF!

They also stock a whole range of breakfast products and goods that are nut free, egg free, lactose free and the list goes on..... They're an Australian company that's been around for over 20years and their range (or bits of it!) is stocked at most Coles, Woolworths, Safeways and at some IGA and independant supermarkets.

Freedom Foods
80 Box Road,
Taren Point NSW 2229
Ph: 1800 646 231

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