July 24, 2009

Chocolate + Baileys + Gluten Free Flour + Almond Meal = YUM!

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One of the boys (I should say men)at work had their first home settle today so in honour of that rather auspicious occasion I thought that we should celebrate by doing something different like.... bringing in cake - little gluten free ones of course!

And the fabulous bit - no mixer required! (cept for the icing)

Gluten Free Chocolate & Baileys Cupcakes

Gluten Free, The Gluten Free Scallywag, GF, Fish, potato, salad, dinner, icing, sweet,

145g dark chocolate
120g butter
1 cup almond meal
2/3 cup GF self raising flour
1/3 cup baileys (or other liqueur like grand marnier or franjelico)
1/3 cup light muscovado sugar
3 eggs

In a small pot melt the butter and chocolate together. Turn off and allow to cool.
In a large bowl mix together flours and sugar. Add the baileys, eggs and chocolate mix. Mix until combined.

Put patty pans in a 12 hole muffin pan and scoop mixture into pans to about 3/4full. Bake in a 160Deg ven for 20minutes or until skewer comes out clean. Turn out to rack and cool.

Buttercream Frosting (A Gluten Free Scallywag Favourite)

130g butter, softened
1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 1/2 cups GF icing sugar, sifted
2-3tblspn milk

With the whisk attachment beat the butter until light and fluffy (takes about 5 minutes), add icing sugar, vanilla and some of the milk. Beat until light and fluffy (this will take 5-10minutes, the longer you beat it the fluffier it'll be) add more milk until you've reaced the desired consistency.

NOTE: I highly recommend frequent taste testing of this buttercream icing!

Spread immediately over cooled cupcakes.

I iced half my cupcakes and then added 1 1/2 tblspn sifted cocoa to the icing and beat that for a couple of minutes. Complete the rest of your cupcakes and top as desired with chocolate shavings (flakes are an easy way out) or freckles or hundreds and thousands.

Gluten Free, The Gluten Free Scallywag, GF, baking, recipe, chocolate, almond meal, baileys, cupcakes, sweet,

These were presented with a little congratulatory flag in one cupcake for the new home owner who was rather chuffed at receiving them. Not that he ate them all himself in fact I think some salads for dinner and a few good workouts might be in order for everyone at my work!


  1. hi thanks for all your amazing gf recipes, just not sure what muscovado sugar is?

    thanks again

    1. muscovado sugar is an unrefined brown sugar with more of a molasses flavour, you can substitute brown sugar.


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