July 25, 2009

A Glorious Gluten Free Saturday

Gluten Free, The Gluten Free Scallywag, GF, beach, Cottesloe, Perth, Western Australia

It started in a not so lovely fashion, with my alarm going off at 9am, which is not something I do for Saturday's (set an alarm that is) as I usually like to sleep in and wake at my own leisure, yes, yes, I know very princess of me - you should see the magnet to some affect on my fridge and the groans that I (still) get from my father should he happen to find out I slept till 10am - heaven forbid! Clearly, it is obvious to you now that my man and I have no little scallywags jumping into our beds in the mornings and so I am, well, making the most of those mornings!

Why was my alarm et for 9am apart from waking late?

Well,for some time now I've been wanting to head down to my local Farmers Markets, which I must admit I usually forget about or am too busy cleaning the bathroom or heading off for a walk to actually get there before it closes at 11.30am that alas a few years have passed and I still hadn't gone!

But, this has all changed now and I will certainly become a regular, after all who can complain when you are waking early to go and buy FRESH fruit and veg! Because lets face it the $2.00 bag of rocket that I picked up this morning was PICKED this morning and has this beautiful bitter crunch (I know CRUNCH!) to it and the apples still had tree leaves stuck to them from the larges crates that they came from farm to market in. Not to mention that wonderful crisp, bright early, ok, possibly wrong word lets try mid morning, camaraderie of mums, dads, men and women standing around the coffee stall just waiting for their caffeine hit... but then, I suppose that is another story....

The day continued after hauling our load of vegies home, a few loads of laundry, checking of emails, etc and then we headed down to the beach (jackets in hand). I believe my mans original idea was a beer at the local and I a wine, preferably red considering the chill, however the drinks didn't eventuate. A lovely stroll along the beach did, with some commentary about the 23! 24! no 23! surfers braving the cool and rather dismal swell at which point I decided that we absolutely HAD to have fish for dinner. With all of these people walking back and forth with hot, vinegary, salty, greasy fish and chips wrapped in paper what else was I supposed to want? Ours was a little bit healthier and with rocket!

Healthier Fish & 'Chips'

2 pieces of Fish, we had pink snapper
6 gourmet potatoes, halved
1 corn, cooked and cut off the cob
1 spring onion, finely diced
two handfuls rocket (preferably from a Farmers Market)
Persian Feta
olive oil

Boil or steam potatoes until cooked. Drain in cold water to stop cooking. Heat frypan and add a good dash of olive oil. Add the spring onion, corn and potatoes and fry until crisp, season with salt and pepper. Remove from heat. (careful the corn may pop!)

Gluten Free, The Gluten Free Scallywag, GF, Fish, potato, salad, dinner

Meanwhile heat a pan and add knob of butter and cook fish. Add juice from half a lemon, remove from pan when cooked.

Put the rocket and persian feta in a bowl and mix until coated.

Place all items on plate and garnish with a few wedges of lemon.

Gluten Free, The Gluten Free Scallywag, GF, Fish, potato, salad, dinne

Add glass of white wine and enjoy!


  1. YUM! I have potatoes I need to use and was going to make a roast chicken tonight for John & I...but I think I might do some fish and potato wedges instead now :)
    (By the way...I made gluten free cookies last night, will be blogged soon!)

  2. The fish was so lovely and just fell apart, was lovely with the bitterness of the rocket and creaminess of the fetta. I'm glad you found some inspiration and I love potato wedges! Actually...I love any kind of potato!


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