July 23, 2009

A Gluten Free Breakfast....

I don't know about you, but sometimes I really don't know what to have for breakfast!

I often have scrambled eggs on toast with wilted spinach after the gym to keep the body and brain going till about 11am when i reach for some dried fruit and nuts. Otherwise I flit between gluten free toast; with Providore Strawberry jam (fabulous stuff from Margaret River) or in the cooler months creamed honey, or there are times when bit of gluten free yoghurt is called for; West N Fresh Natural with Honey is a favourite although it comes in a number of flavours such as apple cinnamon, berry (can't remember which specific one) or mango... none of these appeal to the fussy Gluten Free Scallywag...

... I have a few dollops topped with Carmen's Gluten Free Muesli and occasionally an extra drizzle of honey... yum!

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  1. Hi Jas,
    only landed on your blog by sheer accident and like what I see.
    I will go through all your recipes when I have time, glad to see all courses together.

    When I started I had everything in one blog and it got hectic, now I have 16 approx Recipe blogs on Blogspot.com + a new Website (old location MSN Spaces closing down) so I migrated everything to Wordpress.

    The Irish Coeliac

    Best Regards,


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