September 28, 2009

Breakfast: It's Important & It's Yummy!

It is one of the most important meals of the day and I've always loved breakfast. I enjoy muesli, morning sandwiches or eggs, and I'm sure this cake would be perfectly acceptable for breakfast too! Hash-browns have not yet been featured as they usually require a little more effort than my Sunday morning self is willing to use prior to a coffee, but they are a favourite. Thanks to a conversation with my Mum this morning and a reminder of my favourite herbed and buttered morning potatoes they've made their way onto my plate again!

Gluten Free Scallywag Homemade Hash-browns

1 medium size potato (I used Nadine)
mixed herbs

Wash potato and prick with a fork (this stops it from blowing up!) and place on paper towel in microwave and cook, turning halfway through., until just done. Slice into 1cm rounds. Heat a small frying pan and add a generous slather of butter, allow to melt and sprinkle a teaspoon of mixed herbs on the bottom. Add potato and increase heat until crisp and golden. Turn over potato and brown. Add a little extra butter if you feel you need to.

Remove from heat and serve with eggs, bacon and mushrooms for a big breakfast or you could opt for a simple wilted rocket and mushroom omelette with a steaming hot coffee on this Queens Birthday Holiday weekend. I'll celebrate by having a cup of tea for her later...maybe with a little birthday cake too!

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  1. Ha, it doesn't take much to sway you towards potatoes does it? Yes mine were really yummy (without the butter!!) and of course was thinking of you while I ate them.

  2. Without the butter MJ???? What the heck...I could eat them right now for dinner - they look delicious with the omelette and I'm not really an egg person!

  3. Well, a good olive oil could be substituted and would be a fair bit healthier.

    Otherwise breakfast at my place next time you're in town!


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