October 25, 2009

Healthy Lunches

Coming back into summer here in WA (that Western Australia) and everyone is realising the layer of pudge that has been collected over winter, when we've spent evenings curled up under a blanket and crave those warm comfort foods like pasta bakes, roasts, curries and pies.

Yes, summer is here in Perth, the shorts and maxi dresses have been dusted off and are in full use once again. I look down at my pale thighs and know that the 'I'm a redhead' excuse won't last long, thankfully there are fake tan moisturisers that I enjoy slathering onto my legs. That and the use of the roof top pool at my gym so I can soak up some rays after work and not only cool off but work off some of that dreaded pudge aswell!

So, today after my poor man couldn't finish his race in this heat (who is silly enough to make grown men and women ride up hills in 32.4degree (90F) weather in the middle of the effing day anyways!?) we came home and promptly cooled off with a quick shower. Lovely cool water that also aided in the removal of the red dust that had collected at my ankles after walking the mountain bike track, and drank some icy cold coke with ice and made some healthy sandwiches - gluten free ham, Jarlsberg, cucumber, baby spinach, carrot and toasted gluten free multi-grain bread and we were feeling alot better. Coolly ensconced in our cool home (naturally, thanks to the forethought of closing blinds etc). Cool drinks. Cool sandwiches. Now, where's that watermelon that I saw in the fridge earlier, I'm going to find it and go air conditioner shopping!

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