December 11, 2009

Chocolate covered in chocolate....

...what could be better?

No, really, I'm serious.

Yes, I am female so I can be swayed to chocolate, but it is not something I eat often. At most my chocolate intake (I'm sure I've seen it on the food triangle somewhere!) comes from the occasional cake or brownie. 

These, chocolates are a work in progress, however they are yummy. A little bit messy but most certainly yummy and definitely delicious enough to pop into a little box and gift to friends and family. (My Dad just put in an order for 20 - luckily he's a pretty fit guy who I know won't be eating them all on his lonesome)

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Truffles

170g good quality dark chocolate
130ml cream
20ml Grand Marnier, Baileys or your favourite port
130g milk or dark chocolate for coating

In a small pot bring the cream just to the boil. In a glass bowl break up chocolate. Pour hot cream over chocolate and stir with a metal spoon until melted. Stir in the liqueur. Cover and allow to cool and harden at room temperature for approximately 1-2 hours. Once hard, use a teaspoon to scoop up mixture and roll into bite size balls. Place on an alfoil lined tray and place in fridge for 30minutes to harden.

Once hard break up remaining chocolate and melt over boiling water or in microwave. Carefully remove one truffle at a time from tray and coat in the melted chocolate. Lift with a fork and lightly tap against side to remove excess chocolate. Return to tray to harden. This is where you can squiggle some melted white chocolate on top or sprinkle with finely chopped pistachios, coconut, candied orange peel or your choice of garnish. Continue until all balls are coated and allow to cool and harden at room temperature.

Serve with a coffee or package into small git boxes.


  1. Fantastic!! Great photo too! X

  2. Hi, I love your blog. I wan to make these for christmas gifts but don't want to use the alchahol. What could I replace it with or could I just leave it out?


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