July 13, 2010

Weekend of crazy weather & a cold...

Wow, I haven't had a cold for over two years! I forgot how crap horrid you feel when your throat is itchy, your nose is blocked and your head feels like it has a medicine ball inside it... so, I sit here, in bed, bouncing between this blog and that, bookmark another brownie recipe to try, then onto the next blog, steadily getting lost in all these amazing food blogs, tissues litter the floor beside me and I'm quickly running out of honey for my honey teas.

I want to get better, now! But, my bed is oh so warm... and outside the wind is crazy - I'm scared for our little herb garden on our balcony...

..basil for homemade pesto
from the garden - Purple basil

parsley for my morning eggs
from the garden - parsley

the delicate flowers...
from the garden - flowers of peas

...before they became - our very first snow peas!
from the garden - Our first pea!

So I stay inside, relaxing on the couch. On Sunday I had a rush of energy that led me to make these gluten free custard tarts - although not perfect (I found the custard a bit too thick and gluggy, next time I'll use less cornflour)  they were my first custard tart in over two years - oh the joy! Until my sweet tooth left me that evening and I haven't been able to even look at them.... oh cold go away! 

I made some delicious soup and the lovely spices and vegetables have kept me going over the past few days, I think soup is the best thing when you're sick, especially to cook as it's such low effort! Chop veggies, sauté, add stock, simmer, blend and serve.... yum (recipe coming soon)

Lentil Sweet Potato Carrot Soup

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