December 14, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday:: A Season for Giving

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Fudgy Fruit Squares

It's the season for giving and I love it. Everything about it - the family gatherings, the fairy lights around the tree (and any other place I feel like stringing a bunch), the finding and wrapping of multiple presents, the many, many christmas drinks (preferably on different days, unless this weekend where it was multiple do's on one day - ergh coffee was required monday morning) and even the tinsel strands that fall to the floor.

This year my Christmas Holiday will include platters of cold turkey, ham & cheese with some gluten free foccacia, crisp green salads, a warm potato salad and the obligatory plate of prawns (personally, I'm not a fan!).  There will be mango lassi's enjoyed by my Dad, brother and his gorgeous girl, D, whilst the rest of us will have cooling lemon lime bitters and some crisp white wine.Then maybe a slice of cool gluten free christmas ice cream pudding for dessert and a rum ball or two! You see, it's just too hot to have hot turkey's + pudding in 35Deg Celcius weather here in Australia! One day I will have a chilly white Christmas and enjoy all the 'warmth' of Christmas food, but until then, it's bathers, sunscreen and sandy white beaches in Margaret River!

Before I pop on my bathers and head to the beach though, I'll be busy in the kitchen, baking, baking, baking! You see I just have to bake gluten free goodies to gift to friends and family (and even some lucky co-workers) which is why when I put my hand up to help out the lovely Aubree from Living Free (of dairy, sugar and gluten) with a Top Ten Tuesday post I decided that as well as being gluten, dairy and/or sugar free recipes that they all need to be able to be wrapped or boxed up as Christmas gifts!

Aubree put the word out a little while ago that she needed a hand hosting the Top Ten Tuesday posts whilst she flits across the globe, on what sounds like a gorgeous and relaxing holiday!  Aubree has been bringing us these Top Ten Tuesdays for some time now, and if you haven't checked them out then you really should as they are a fabulous resource for gluten, dairy & sugar free recipes!But enough of the chit chat and babbling about my Christmas.... check out my Top Ten Tuesday picks that are perfect for gluten free gifting this season!

(Ellie from Almost Bourdain)

(Karina from Gluten Free Goddess)

(Lauren from Celiac Teen)

Sorghum Almond Pumpkin Bars
(Sea from Book of Yum)

(Elana from Elana's Pantry)

(Brittany from Real Sustenance)

(Jennifer from The Cinnamon Quill)

(Carol from Simply Gluten Free)

(Me - Jas - from The Gluten Free Scallywag)

+ because I had totally forgotten to check back to Aubree's site, Living Free, I didn't realise until this morning that she'd posted a recipe for delicious Vanilla Wafer Sugar Cookies! So, although I already have a Top Ten Tuesday, this is a little extra gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipe for your Christmas Stocking Collection.

See, that's the best thing about stockings... sometimes you find the really good little treats at the bottom *winks* 


  1. My Christmas is sorely lacking in fairy lights. If you feel the urge to string up any more, my front door is open to you (if you bring a container of cookies with you too) :D

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  2. Great list! I love that you included a blog I didn't know so now I have a new one to check out.

  3. Do we all love this season of giving! Thanks for the shout out!

  4. Wow, great list! I'd missed many of these and now have some new blogs to check out (including yours ... think I visited before, but it's been a while!). Your cookies are absolutely gorgeous! Happy holidays!


  5. Thanks for the great list of things for me to check out! I was terribly excited when I saw that you had put personalised ribbon around the tin - what a great touch!

  6. Thank you for all the links to really interesting blogs.

  7. This is a great list--and I had missed so many of the recipes this week! Thanks for all the wonderful links. :)

  8. @ Conor - oh no - you simply MUST have fairy lights!

    @ Ellie & @ Elana - no worries - it's a great recipe!

    @ GFE - thanks - I love those cookies too :)

    @ Alice - yes, the ribbon was a gift from my Mum last year - so cute!

    @ Margaret - enjoy (and I hope your enjoying the cookbook too!)

    @ Ricki - Enjoy and yes reading all the blogs gets hard after a while, there's so many that are just fabulous!

  9. Hey Jas,

    Sorry this comment is so late (lack of internet access is a tough one for me! :)), but thanks again for putting together this top ten list! I love it, there are some great ones! (Also, thanks for the shout out with my 'sugar' cookies :))

    ~Aubree Cherie


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