June 07, 2011

Rustic Carrot, Pumpkin & Lentil Gluten Free Soup & Some News!

IMG_4526_gluten free scallywag_pumpkin red lentil soup

Of late I've been awfully side tracked... life has changed a little after our move, because, well.... we not only moved homes but states too!! Yep. We're now residing in the fabulous city of Melbourne, Victoria! It's a gorgeous city, Melbourne, and one I can't wait to explore a little more....of course, we've already been visiting the Prahran Markets and even located some fabulous local gluten free eateries.

IMG_4078_melbourne wandering_malvern

Of course, if you follow me on twitter you may have noticed a few tweets mentioning the lovely experience that is 'attending interviews', as I was also on the job hunt. Luckily, that hunt is over and I'm now settled in a position that is conveniently located just a short tram ride away - YAY! The team at the office is sad to hear that I'm gluten free "awww no cookies!" was the first exclamation! However, I think that with this gluten free brownie, these gluten free cookies and maybe something new... they'll be converted in no time!

Melbourne wandering_Malvern

A few weeks ago I made this delicious soup, in my kitchen which is slowly coming along! It's warm and conforting and I love the sweetness of the pieces of carrot found by your spoon. The lentils make this a super hearty soup and the aromatics of the ginger and garlic make it a good winter soup. Add some cayenne pepper to get the metabolism going.

IMG_4485_gluten free scallywag_pumpkin red lentil soup

Rustic Carrot, Pumpkin & Lentil Soup: Gluten Free Recipe
Warms 6-8 bellies

1 brown onion, peeled and diced
1cup red lentils, soaked overnight and rinsed
Half a butternut pumpkin, deseeded and peeled
4carrots, peeled
1 celery stick,
1tsp ginger
1tsp minced garlic
1.5L gluten free vegetable stock
salt & pepper to taste

Once you've deseeded and peeled the pumpkin, cut it into medium sized pieces or approximately 5cmsq. Cut the carrot into 1.5cm rounds and slice the celery into half centimetre 'crescent's. Set aside.

Heat a large splash of olive oil (about 2tblspn) in a large pot and saute onions until soft and translucent. Add the ginger, garlic, carrot and celery. Saute for a minute or two until the aromas of the ginger and garlic are wafting beneath your nose. Add the lentils, pumpkin and the stock to cover and simmer for approximately 1-1 1/2hours or until the soup is of a thick consistency and the vegetables are soft. Season to taste and serve as is, rustic and charming with gluten free bread.

I love coming across the large pieces of sweet carrot. Yum!

Can also be cooled and blended if you wish.

Will keep for 3-5days in an air tight container in the fridge. Suitable to freeze if blended.


  1. Congrats on the move, that's great news! This soup sounds like the perfect thing to have in this cooler weather - it sounds delicious!

  2. Lovely photos! It's not soup weather where I live {San Diego}, but your recipe sounds delicious and I will definitely file it away for the fall!

  3. ah I thought you must have moved when we were chatting on twitter. I thought I had missed the announcement! Is it your first time living here? I also a Melbourne girl so I look forward to hearing how you go. Congrats on getting your job and I bet you will have them converted in no time at all. And I am sure you know that the Gluten Free Show is coming up in Sept/Oct?

  4. Welcome to Melbourne! Have you tried Pizza Piazza in Prahran yet? I was there last week and they have a great gluten free menu.

    Thanks for the soup recipe, looking forward to trying it!

  5. Such gorgeous photos. They make me want to walk down those streets and explore!
    I love chunky soups. It's much colder in Melbourne, so you'll need it! :)

  6. Soup sounds nice. Hope you don't freeze in Melbourne!

  7. Thanks all for your lovely comments about our move (and the soup!) back over here (yes, I've lived here before and no it's not THAT cold if you dress appropriately).

    @Nellbe - no, I've lived here before and have been wanting to move back for ages and yes, I know all about the GF expo later this year :)

    @Sarah - thanks for the tip - I haven't tried it as I love my cheats homemade GF pizza so much that I just don't eat pizza when we go out :)

  8. I am learning to love this kind of food, the first time I tried it with the Mexican Food.
    Not only because it’s mostly naturally gluten-free, but also because it’s so damned good and here comes your recipe, I am excited to try this one out.

  9. The soup looks so yummy! I love making my own soup. A few weeks ago I'd made a mild vegetable curry, which I blended into soup the next day. It went down very well. Tomorrow I'll be making chicken soup from today's roast.

    Barrina x

  10. IT IS SO YUM :) I'm vegan aswell so this is wonderful

  11. Hi, there. Thanks for the great recipe. I'm in the U.S. and am hoping for some translation help. When you say 1 brown onion, would that be similar to a red onion (which is actually purple) or a yellow onion here? I've never heard of a brown onion before...? Also, is 1.5 liters about 6 cups? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Mailisha,

      I do believe a yellow onion would be the closest substitute for a brown onion in the States.
      1.5L is 1500ml or google is telling me it's the equivalent to 1.5 quarts or 6 1/4 cups in the States. In Australia it's 6cups. I don't know why we all have to do things differently, but that's the way it is! Hope this helps.

      Happy cooking.



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