Brown Sugar Frosting (EF + NF)

Make that my boss' birthday. That I was requested to make gluten free cupcakes for because, we couldn't think of anywhere in Perth that has cupcakes close to us and because my boss is a HUGE fan of my cupcakes!

The request was for the Gluten Free Scallywag Date & Ginger Cakes which, funnily enough I made for my birthday.

I decided to do something different with the icing and went with a very sweet brown sugar frosting. I love brown sugar, but if you don't then this might not be the frosting for you!

Gluten Free Brown Sugar Frosting

120g butter, softened

1/4cup soft brown sugar

1 cup gluten free icing sugar, sifted

2tblspn golden syup

1-2tblspn milk

With the whisk attachment beat butter until soft. Scrape down and add brown sugar. Beat for a couple of minutes. Scrape down and add half the icing sugar. Beat for 30seconds or until incorporated. Add golden syrup and remaining icing sugar and beat for 5minutes. Scrape down and if the frosting is too dry add a little milk. Beat again for a few minutes and add milk as needed depending on the consistency you want.

This icing was perfect for piping and went down a treat with the colleagues, the brown sugar gives such a wonderfully sweet flavour. This brown sugar frosting would be perfect with a Gluten Free Chocolate Cake...