Muesli Bars (NF)

Gluten Free Scallywag Muesli Bars Chocolate Drizzling

Well, after two blissful weeks, my holidays are over. I have enjoyed them so much.

We went for a surf lesson with my little brother. He tried to teach me, but due to a bung knee and the fact that it's WAY more fun to scream my head off going over waves I was announced to be 'a trainwreck' at the end of the session. Unfortunately for him, the glass of water I was drinking from at the time accidentally tipped and went all over his head and Mum went temporarily blind - not at we're 12 anymore but its no good to take sides...

We slathered ourselves in sun cream, visited Smiths Beach and then hopped our way back to the car as the white hot sand burnt our or really my) feet. Enjoyed a few breakfasts at my favourite cafe; The Urban Bean (Margaret River) they do delicious omelettes with gluten free toast. My Aunt and I agree that they do fabulous coffee too. Made tacos. Fell asleep in the sun on the balcony. Mmmm... so warm. Opened presents - yes it was Christmas at some point during the holidays and well in the usual Christmas fashion, ate.Nibbled. Munched. and Gobbled. All Gluten Free, of course! 

Clockwise from top Left:

Mushroom Risotto Cakes wrapped in Vine Leaves with Capsicum & Tomato Chutney @


-our helpful waitress returned from the kitchen, following my gluten free meal request, with a menu ticked with all the dishes I could eat. Providore has a huge organic veggie garden and chickens you can view from the relaxed dining area, so it came as no surprise that I could eat more than half the menu.

The HUGE Australian flag @

Voyager Estate

- last time I visited we ate here, another gorgeous vineyard with sloping white walls and full rose gardens,they have a fabulous seasonal gluten free menu and out of the three of us my meal was the easiest to order!

Morrocon Spice Lamb Tagine with rice (Quinoa was sold out) @ Providore

- after the Risotto Cakes I nearly couldn't finish it and I am inspired to cook my own.

Thai Chicken Meatloaf with salad @ Tealicious House in


- 6 of us ate a casual lunch here after doing some shopping (some uber cool sops in Dunsborough). There was the meatloaf, corn pancakes and gluten free salads that change daily so I was easily pleased.

Possibly the best ever Smoothie @ Tealicious House

- I had Banana & Strawberry with honey and it was so good I made us all go back the next day (30min drive fromwhere we were staying in

Margaret River

) just so I could have one! (yes, I do crazy things when I miss my morning coffee). As a side note I'm in the habit of asking to see ice cream lids to check ingredients, most people will oblige if you explain your reasoning although I'm yet to try this in somewhere fancy!The girls here were more than happy to oblige. YAY Gluten Free!

Fit Chips

@ Karrinyup Shopping Centre

- Now is anyone else with me when I say  'YAY for Gluten Free Air 'Fried' 95.9% Fat Free Chips!' with a dozen gluten free dipping sauces to choose from! I was so excited, and hungry, so Bean and I just had to buy some. The Mango Mayo was delish and the chips were salty and soft in the middle with a light crunch on the outside. I'm going back for more Gluten Free Chips this weekend.(Thanks to Bean for being my model in the photo)

Today was spent having breakfast with my best friend Bean, sanding and painting our pre-loved furniture and concocting a new muesli bar recipe.Light, chewy, moist and love in fats and sugars (relatively speaking).

Bean put it quite simply;

This is a blogger!

Gluten Free Scallywag Muesli Bar
Gluten Free Scallywag Muesli Bars Chopped

Gluten Free Muesli Bars

50g butter, softened

1/4 cup (60ml) light sweetened condensed milk

2tblspn golden syrup

2 eggs, lightly whisked

100g raisins

80g crystallized paw paw, diced

75g desiccated coconut (or shredded)

60g dried cranberries, chopped

50g sunflower kernels

45g (3 cups) multi gluten free puffs (mine were brown rice, sorghum & buckwheat)

Beat together butter, condensed milk & golden syrup until creamy. Add all remaining ingredients and stir by hand. otherwise the puffs will get squashed!)

Press into a lined16cm x 26cm tray and bake for 20 - 25minutes in 180Deg C oven until golden brown. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely in the tray.

Cut and if you wish drizzle with some melted chocolate. Store in an airtight container.