Zucchini Hash Browns (DF NF + V)

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I love waking up on the weekends, slowly stretching out of my sleep, occasionally falling back to sleep for a few moments or shuffling over to the other side of the bed where my man is all warm and cosy and (of course) in desperate need of a morning hug. Yup. I love weekends. Knowing I can take my time over my coffee. Although, occasionally have the foresight to know I won't be able to drink my coffee before I leave for work and I heat my little travel flask and hope it doesn't tip in my car on the way in (although secretly I'd really like to get on of these instead as it's way cooler!)

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So, on Saturday morning after a lazy sleep in and a visit to the Farmers Market I decided eggs were on the menu. But what to have with them? I'm out of toast and not in the mod for my usual nutrition packed wilted spinach and mushrooms.  A rustle in my potato box and my Farmers Market bag produces good results - Potato + Zucchini... mmm... I smell hash browns coming on!

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Gluten Free Zucchini Hash Browns

Half Zucchini grated

1 potato grated

30-45g Buckwheat flour

Small handful fresh flat leaf parsley, chopped

Small bunch fresh chives, chopped

1 egg, lightly beaten

salt + pepper to taste

Oil, for frying

Place grated potato between a few sheets of paper towel and squeeze out the excess water. Tip potato into bowl with zucchini, parsley, egg and lots of salt an pepper. Stir. Add half the flour and combine. The amount of flour really depends on how wet your zucchini and potato was as you don't want them to taste floury, you simply want the flour to bind everything together.

Heat the frypan. Add oil to lightly coat the bottom of the pan and allow to heat up. Place spoonfuls of mixture into the frypan. Reduce heat to medium and cover for a few minutes. Flip and continue cooking for a few minutes. Remove from pan and drain on some paper towel. Fry your eggs up and enjoy!

This recipe makes approximately 6 hash browns.