Ham & Pesto Wraps

Gluten Free Scallywag_Wrap Ham N Greens_Cut

I'm on a bit of a health kick.

After a week of living it up in Sydney - gluten free cookies, gluten free pancakes for breakfast and far too many desserts, I feel I need to have some more greens in the coming weeks. Moving offices at work I realise I'm not aware of local gluten free choices and I make sure I take my own gluten free lunch and some naturally gluten free snacks every day to get me through. (because lets face it, I'm really not a happy camper when I'm hungry)

It's not as easy for us Coeliacs to just pop down to the local lunch bar and grab a sandwich during our break. We have to be organised. Know who has gluten free options available - are the dressings on salads gluten free? Do you use sperate/clean cutting boards and knives? The list is endless, but, if you're organised you can save your hard earned cash AND have a delicious gluten free lunch!

Wraps are such an easy lunch and there are so many possibilities - this week I've had left over roast lamb with roasted pumpkin and carrot with a little baby spinach and cheddar. Plus sandwich toasters at work are so easy to wipe down and toast your gluten free wrap in for a warmer winter lunch.With endless filling possibilities and the ease of filling and wrapping in the mornings make them a great healthy gluten free lunchtime option. Plus looking just like 'normal' wraps they're great for the kids lunchboxes! 

Gluten Free Scallywag_Wrap Ham N Greens_bite

Gluten Free Wraps - Ham & Pesto

Gluten Free Wraps - I used the Old Time Bakery - Gluten Free Organic

Gluten Free shaved ham

Basil Pesto

Mayonnaise - check it's gluten free!

Baby Spinach

Cheddar cheese - sliced

Spread a dollop of the pesto and mayonnaise onto your wrap. Top with a large handful of spinach, some shaved ham and cheese. Season with salt and pepper as desired.

Tightly roll up your wrap. Cut and wrap in glad wrap for lunch later on or wrap in some baking paper and toast in a sandwich toaster, cut and eat immediately. (Obviously not too quickly or the melted cheese will burn your mouth!)

Note: If your wraps aren't very soft, you can soften them up using the following technique.

Heat a large frypan. Once warm add a tablespoon of warm water and swish around the pan, if it evaporates before adding the wrap then add a little more. Add the wrap and cover with lid for 30seconds or so. Remove wrap and use immediately.