Nutella Cheesecake Pots (EF)

Gluten Free Scallywag_Nutella Cheesecake pots

Sometimes, you want to bake something sweet but you are out of inspiration. A few days later you're sitting on your best friends sofa and you are laughing at her because her husband is giving her grief for buying a 1kg jar of nutella! She loves nutella, but I've never seen her with a 1kg jar before. It is just the two of them. However, she has a fabulous excuse, apart from 'they didn't have any smaller jars at the store' which is what she swears to, oh no, she is heavily pregnant! If ever there was an excuse to have a 1kg jar of nutella in a house of only two adults - this is it!

Well, I went home to my own house of only two adults (where no one is expecting) and opened my pantry door. Oh, yeah, I think.... yep! One half eaten jar of nutella, most likely from baking a recent batch these chocolate cupcakes , is there, just waiting, wishing for its chocolatey, hazelnutty, goodness to be used. What better reason than to bake something for your pregnant best friend than your own half eaten jar of (her favourite) nutella!

Note: It's taken me a week to finish this post (and it's not even properly finished yet) and I'm proud to announce that (one of) my best friend's delivered a healthy baby boy less than 48hours after the nutella cheesecake pots landed on her & her husband's doorstep. Welcome to this amazing world JJ!

Gluten Free Scallywag_Nutella Cheesecake pots_Spoon

Recipe to come Saturday morning, prior to the overindulgence that I will be partaking in at the Good Food & Wine Show in Perth that is on all weekend!

No-Bake Gluten Free Nutella Cheesecake Pots

Makes approx 6-8 pots*, depending on size


150g Dry Gluten Free Cookies, such as

graham crackers

50-60g butter, melted


390g cream cheese, at room temperature

50g light brown sugar

90g Nutella

40g gluten free chocolate chips

In a food processor whiz the cookies and butter until crumbs are formed. Scoop spoonfuls into base of pots, press down lightly. You want the crumb lightly compressed, but not as much as a regular cheesecake.

Make sure you clean your food processor before making the cheesecake or you'll have crunchy cheesecake!

For the cheesecake whiz together the cream cheese, sugar and nutella until smooth. Stop procesor and check taste, you may add more nutella if you desire. Add the choc chips and whiz on high for a minute or two until the chocolate chips are chopped into fine pieces.

Divide cheesecake between the pots. Cover and refrigerate for 6hours, or until set.

Remove from fridge approx 20minutes before serving so that they aren't fridge cold.

* For the pots I used small glasses, however, plastic cups would be fabulous for children's birthday parties or small ramekins would be good. I simply like seeing the cheesecakes through the container, hence my choice was glass.