Pesto Pasta with Chicken & Tomatoes

Gluten Free Scallywag_Chicken N Rocket Walnut Pesto Pasta_Close Up

Weeknight dinners should be a simple affair . In my opinion, whether you've been at work all day, had a day off, or have been running around after your kids, the last thing you want is to make something complicated for dinner.

Enter - the simple pesto pasta . We make this at least once a week in our house. Mixing it up either vegetarian steamed broccoli and peas with toasted pine nuts or add some chicken for extra protein - it really is simple pasta!

The great thing about this delicious gluten free dinner is that it can be made in less than 15minutes - and that includes making fresh homemade pesto - because you weren't organised on the weekend.; too busy walking briskly around the lake in the early morning, enjoying late gluten free breakfasts at your favourite cafe (thanks hun!) and having a cool bevvy at the sailing club on Sunday afternoon (no, I don't sail, the man does - I just get the perks of parking at the club and the bar tab - he really shouldn't have told me about that part!)

Gluten Free Scallywag_Chicken N Rocket Walnut Pesto Pasta

Gluten Free Simple Pesto Pasta

Enough for 2

1 hand full gluten free spaghetti


walnut & rocket pesto

8 cherry tomatoes, halved

1 cooked chicken breast, roughly shredded

1/4cup parmesan, plus extra to serve

Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling water. Drain under hot water when cooked, al dente. 

Add to hot pan with pesto, tomatoes and chicken. Reduce heat and toss to coat pasta with pesto, until warm. Stir through parmesan. 

Warm serving bowls in low oven for a few minutes. Serve hot with parmesan and a little cracked pepper.