Rice Paper Rolls (DF, EF + NF)

Gluten Free Scallywag_ Rice Paper Rolls 1

I normally take leftovers for lunch. Sometimes pasta, sometimes a simple salador wrap, but every now and then I want something different. A little lighter. A little more 'summer' as the temperature goes up and up here in sunny Perth. Those are the times when I generally put a little extra effort into my lunches. Which translates to making lunch in the morning, as opposed to plonking the leftovers from dinner into a container ready for the morning rush out the door!

Rice paper rolls are easy to make gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and I'm sure a number of other things, apart from rice free! You can use zucchini, thinly sliced cabbage, pork, prawns and beans the fillings are only limited to your imagination and tastes!

They are super quick to make if you prep everything the night before and in the morning when you're bleary eyed and haven't had your coffee all you need to do is fill , roll and pack!

Enjoy and don't forget to enter my gluten free cookbook giveaway here!

Gluten Free Rice Paper Rolls

12 Gluten Free Round Rice Paper

Chicken Breast, cooked

1 carrot

1 small cucumber

1 stick Gluten Free Vermicelli Rice Noodles

Handful of baby spinach leaves, washed

Coriander, washed

1tblspn Gluten Free Sweet Chilli Sauce

1/2 lime, juiced

Soak the vermicelli noodles according to the packet instructions and drain. Toss in the gluten free sweet chilli sauce and the lime juice. Set aside.

Cut the chicken, carrot and cucumber into thin slices that are a length to fit in the rolls (about 8cm).

Pour some warm water into a large tray, big enough to fit the flat rice paper. Soak one piece of rice paper until it is completely pliable. Carefully lift it out of the water and place on a wooden board. Place a coriander and baby spinach leaf in the bottom 1/3 of the round. Top with a small forkful of the noodles and add a piece of chicken and a few sticks of carrot and cucumber.

To roll. Roll from the bottom third where the little pile of ingredients is. Roll this so that it is all the way round. Fold in the left side and right side then continue the roll until it is a little cylindrical package. (This may take a few goes to get right!) I find the trick is not too much or too little filling!

Continue with the remaining rice paper rounds and filling until it's all gone. You may run out of paper or filling depending on how full your rice paper rolls are.

Rice Paper rolls are best eaten on the day they are made. To take for lunch keep as one roll and pack in an airtight container or cut roll in half on the diagonal to serve at your gluten free party! 

Gluten Free Scallywag_ Rice Paper Roll Sauce

Gluten Free Dipping Sauce for Rice Paper Rolls

3tbslpn Gluten Free Sweet Chilli sauce

1/2tsp gluten free fish sauce

1/2 lime, juiced

Combine all in a small bowl. Taste, adjust seasoning as required.