Roasted Tomato Bolognese (DF, EF + NF)

It's very annoying when you're sick and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and go to sleep and yet, it's a stinking hot 36+ degrees celcius outside! The sticky hot clammy feeling is not exactly comforting. Luckily we have air conditioning in the lounge room and so I spent the end of last week on the couchwatching Gossip Girls - after all I'd never seen it before and figured that as I had plenty of time on my hands I might as well use them to my advantage by getting addicted to a very bitchy, very addictive tv show - it's what any girl on her sick bed lounge should do!

My second problem is cooking in this heat - when possible I do not turn on my oven - (stay tuned for a gluten free cheesecake recipe to prove this point soon!) In these cases I prefer to use a pot on top and make pasta because with an itchy, sore throat and pounding head I just can't handle cold food. It has to be hot. It has to be yummy. It has to be filling. Enter the roasted tomato bolognese - warm, rich and meaty its the perfect gluten free pasta to fill and warm your belly on a cool night (or in my case warm).

Roasted Tomato Bolognese

Serves 6-8

800g beef or lamb mince

10 large tomatoes

1 x 400g tin diced tomatoes

3tablespoons tomato paste

1 onion, diced

3cloves garlic, crushed





olive oil

Cut the tomatoes in half and place face up on baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil and season with some torn basil, thyme, salt and pepper. Bake in a 175Deg C oven for approximately 40minutes.

Heat some olive oil in a large, heavy based pot and add the onion, saute on low heat until cooked through, adding the garlic in the last few minutes. Add the minced beef and break up with a spoon. Stir until browned all over and in small bits. Add the roasted tomatoes, can of tomatoes and tomato paste. Place lid on pot and simmer on low heat for approximately 45minutes. Check seasoning and add salt and pepper as desired Remove lid and simmer a further 20-30minutes until the sauce is thick and of your preferred consistency.

Enjoy over a warm plate of gluten free pasta or gnocchi with lots of Parmesan cheese. * Make egg and dairy free substitutions if required.

Notes: Bolognese only gets better with age so make it a day or two ahead (keep it in an airtight container in the fridge) and simply reheat on the stove on a low flame. This sauce loves a few big handfuls of sliced button mushrooms and a cup of red wine, simply add add the mince has browned.