Apricot & Almond Tea Slice

IMG_4687_gluten free scallywg_apricot almond tea slice

Something about these sorts of tea slices make me think of my gorgeous Nan, baking with us whilst we were staying over for a night or two as children or as grown ups on one of our numerous trips to Margaret River (even now).  Which floats me back to a little over a month ago when Nan came and visited my Mum (and us now - woo hoo!) in Melbourne and we all took a little trip to the Mornington Penninsula. Yes, that's the three of us, three generations; Nan, Mum and I. Photo taken by my gorgeous man.

IMG_4374_melbourne wandering_mrngton_3generations

We stopped in at Lilo Cafe on the Esplanade in Mornington as the morning was ticking on and our four bellies were rumbling. I'm so, so glad that we stopped in at this little cafe - thanks much in part to the 'Mornington PeninsulaGuide that I took out of my ABC Delicious magazine subscription some months ago - this cafe is simply gorgeous!

They have decorated this west facing (over the bay) cafe with retro kitchen and homewares finds all in different shades of green. Simply gorgeous! We had alot of fun spotting different items from various kitchens - Nan's, her Mum's and my man's. It's amazing what memories do and the memories at Lilo Cafe went all the way through to the bathroom where, if needing to wait in line you were kept busy by a rack of gorgeous (and yes, green!) retro clothes!

melbourne wandering_mrngton_lilo cafe

Once our bellies were filled, mine with a delicious open mushroom omelette and two cups of steaming hot creamy coffees, we headed out to taste some of the regions produce. First stop was Crittenden Estate where we Mum, who is not a drinker and therefore our designated driver, fell in love with the Moscato. We ended up with a nice bottle of Pinot Gris to share over dinner one evening and warming ourselves by the fire we decided upon our next stop - Port Phillip Estate , but not before we'd stopped to take a few photos of cows....

melbourne wandering_mrngton_cows

This was all before we stumbled upon the most gorgeous little store 'Little Red House' where I fell in love with everything and it was clear to me that yes, someday, I will open a homewares store. As what's better than shopping for things that you love that can then bring joy to others? (Apart from baking cake of course!)

melbourne wandering_mrngton_visits

So, on cold afternoons whilst your honey is at the gym getting all hot and sweaty (like mine was when I baked this) grab your apron and bake this delicious gluten free apricot & almond tea slice . It's not only perfect as a dessert with ice cream at your next dinner party, but also a lovely treat to surprise (they were expecting brownies) your glutenous workmates just how yummy gluten free can be!

IMG_4694_gluten free scallywg_apricot almond tea slice

Gluten Free Apricot & Almond Tea Slice

12-15 squares adapted from AWW

130g butter, softened

125g brown sugar

2tsp vanilla


40g desiccated coconut

85g plain gluten free flour

160g almond meal

220g gluten free yoghurt (vanilla or greek is fine, I used low fat)

6fresh apricots, halved and de-stoned or a tinned halved apricots

Apricot jam to glaze

Preheat the oven to 170degrees celcius and line a 28cm x 18cm baking tin with baking paper. 

Beat together the butter, sugar and vanilla until thick and creamy. Add the eggs one at a time to combine. 

Whisk together the coconut, gluten free flour and almond meal together. Add this to the batter in batches alternating with the yoghurt until combined. 

Pour the batter into the lined lamington tray and smooth out. Top with apricot halves, open side up. Press them only just into the batter

. Bake for approximately 40-45minutes, a skewer inserted should come out clean.

Remove from the oven and brush with a few tablespoons of warmed apricot jam. Allow to cool completely (or at least for 30minutes) before serving with fresh cream, gluten free vanilla yoghurt or even a big scoop of cremy ice cream.

Delicious and will last for 3-5days if you don't share and decide to eat it morning noon and night!