Coconutty Apple Crumble (DF + EF)

Cinnamon Honey from the Honey Lady
Gluten Free Coconutty Apple Crumbe

It's been a crazy few weeks for me personally, there's been


trips back to my hometown of Perth for various family celebrations (yay! I love a good party x 3!) and a special trip with my Dad whilst I was there. You see it was my Dad who got me hooked on photography years ago, being the professional photographer that he is and the red haired model that I was when I was younger it was only natural that I follow him around. Or sometimes him of me.... anyone need a shot of long red plaited hair? I've got a fair few - ha!

New Norcia & Surrounds
New Norcia & Surrounds
New Norcia & Surrounds
New Norcia & Surrounds

My old Nikon film camera was dragged with me to Sydney when I was 17 and I documented by travels to the Blue Mountains and surrounds. I have a photo on my pin up board that I took in Sydney back then. Crystal blue water and bright blue sky sandwiching in the Sydney Opera House. It's my favourite. 

Yes, I've always loved photography and after having lived (back) here in Melbourne for 15months - gaaawd where has the time gone!? -  it was great to head out with Dad to

New Norcia

, a historic town an hour or so drive north of Perth, and borrow his camera - whoop whoop helloooo shiny camera! - to catch up for some quality time and lunch on him, oh and dinner too. Thanks Dad! Gosh I loved that

Jus Burger

  that we had for dinner, its one of my fave places to grab a

quick gluten free bite in Perth

. (PS on my return to Melbourne I went round the corner and saw that Jus Burgers has opened up on Chapel St - ooo yes, I feel a gluten free burger and movie night coming on!)

Note: I had wanted to post the other photos and details from our trip but I've had some

very annoying

technical glitches this evening, including a deletion of half of this post and some screwed formatting so you'll need to

head over here

to check out some of my other snaps from our day trip - thanks folks! 

New Norcia & Surrounds

Yes, it was a fabulous few weekends back in my hometown, however,

being home in Melbourne is wonderful

. Home with my

gorgeous man

who appreciated a big helping of this crsip gluten free apple crumble for dessert last night after dinner (reheated slow clooked lamb and brown lentil stew with veg over some gnocchi, because we couldn't be bothered cooking. I think there is something so

deliciously comforting about apples and cinnamon

in winter. Add on some crunchy topping and a scoop of ice cream and its a pure winter indulgence. The kind that I love because it's simple and yet, sometimes I find myself just stewing apples with a little cinnamon and a dash of muscat and serving them hot with ice cream. Not even bothered with the crunchy nutty topping that I've made here. Yet, let's face it, it is all about the crumble! The topping is a crisp coconut crumble using almonds, coconut and a


cinnamon honey from the

Honey Lady

  which, when retrieved from the back of my cold cupboard, had the consistency of a creamed honey. I couldn't help but nick a teaspoonful for myself whilst measuring out my tablespoons! 

Gluten Free Coconutty Apple Crumbe

I hope you enjoy this crisp coconutty crumble as much as we did!

Gluten Free Scallywag Coconutty Apple Crumble

4 ample serves 

5 apples (I used a mix of granny's and pink ladys)

1tbslpn muscat or water

1tblspn brown sugar or honey

45g (1/2cup) desiccated coconut

60g (1/2cup) gluten free flour

1/3tsp ginger

 65g (1/2cup) slivered almonds 

2tbslpn cinnamon honey (or use 2tbslpn honey + 1/2tsp cinnamon)

60g (about 1/3cup) coconut oil

Heat oven to 180degrees celcius. Peel and core apples and cut in half, then quarters to create nice chunky pieces. Toss in muscat and sugar and place intoa medium sized baking dish. Mine was about 14cm x 22cm. Set aside.

In a bowl combine the coconut, gluten free flour, ginger and coconut oil. Cut the coconut oil in like you would butter until small crumbs are formed. Ensure the honey is of a runny consistency and add to the flour mixture with the almonds. Spoon ontop of apples and bake for approximately 25-30minutes until topping is browned.

Serve warm with a scoop of ice cream or perhaps even some custard.