Gluten Free Cakes (that turned into a rant)

Gluten Free, The Gluten Free Scallywag, GF,

I (now) hate morning teas at work.

There are so many times that people don't cater for those who have Celiac disease or allergies (nuts, dairy, cocoa, etc). I know it isn't fair considering it can be hard to find things that are gluten free but it really does piss me off when people don't even try!

I mean, it's not like I woke up one day and thought 'oh, I'm going to become Celiac, or allergic to dairy or nuts or whatever!' These things just happen and we must come to terms with and embrace it or we'll go on screwing up our own bodies and possibly lives (thanks for interrupting my fabulous rant that was going on in my head there Mum!).

I do that.

98% of the time.

In that 98% I accept that I'm Celiac and can't eat that liquorice or fairy bread or reach over and taste my friends pasta when we're out or buy that bag of 6 warm dough-nuts with my dad at the show and scoff them in one go (he had 4 and I 2).

I must admit I miss those days, walking around the showgrounds with my dad stuffing my face with gluten (and calories) checking out the photographs and the old trucks. So for the other 2% of the time I think I'm allowed to get a little bit 6year old 'this sucks' and stamp my foot (I'm a redhead remember). Even, occasionally, lash out and place blame where its absolutely not appropriate and feel better for it! Not to anyone's face mind you!

hehehe... don't you?

If you say yes then I'll rephrase that to 'didn't you ever do that' If you still say yes then I'm happy to announce you are perfect and all other should possibly worship your wonderful optimism, if you didn't tho then YAY revel in that little bit of jealousy after all some of us are just born with green eye and can't help that monster coming out!

Ok, sorry that was a bit of a tangent, wasn't it?

So, anyway... today was a different story.

Today was Miss M's birthday and she went out and asked questions, 'do you have anything gluten free?' to which the little French patisserie said yes! Miss M then asked 'whats in it then' which was promptly followed by a string of explanations in a light French accent of which she mainly got 'hazelnut and almond'.

Of course I had a good look at it and yes, of course there may have bee contamination and one can never know exact ingredients, but I had most of it (it was rather rich). I haven't felt ill or broken out in a rash; my first symptoms, yes I know I probably SHOULDN'T have eaten it - but you know what you only live once and I'm good every other day!

So, thank you Miss M and all the people out there who actually try to cater for everyone!