Jam & Coconut Slice & The GLuten Free ScALLYWAG Magazine VOl 4! (NFO)

GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4

I'm so excited to share with you Vol 4 of The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine!

I've been working hard on this edition for over a year, intact its development spans two states, one pregnancy and the birth of one little human (who just lights up my life and makes the need for caffeine all too real!).

Yep. Volume 4 is here and I reckon it is pretty wonderful. There are recipes for all taste buds; Strawberry & Quinoa Chocolate Muffins (a personal favourite), Feta & Zucchini Fritters for those who prefer a warm breakfast, I made my man's year by making Crispy Pork Belly and Beef Bourguignon , along with friends who were more than happy to taste test the Balsamic Lamb Shanks . The Rustic Balsamic Onion & Pumpkin  Tart is a new favourite too, thanks to my Savoury Gluten Free Pastry recipe (which I'm really happy with, so light and buttery with a gorgeous crunch). Spring Risotto and a kick arse Cauliflower Soup recipe made my Mum's belly sing, being vegetarian she is my consistent 'deliciousness factor' detector.

Thanks to being pregnant at the beginning of recipe development I went a little bit nuts for cheesecake and included a whole section on them; Classic New York Baked Cheesecake , I revamped the all time blog favourite Chocolate Hazelnut Pots and the Peanut Butter, Caramel & Banana Cheesecake was a hit with my mother's group. 9 breastfeeding women surely cannot be wrong! My friend Sally   inspired the Rummy Caramel Sauce that I drizzled (with gusto) all over the Apple & Hazelnut Upside-Down Cake and my son thoroughly enjoyed the smoothie testing process . His favourite, the Chocolate Coconut & Cherry Smoothie(think Cherry Ripe in a glass!).

GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4
GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4
GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4
GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4
GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4
GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4
GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4

So, whether you're a sweet tooth, vegetarian or a meat lover there is something within its cover pages to suit everyone.

The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine, Vol 4 is available as a limited Print Edition (printed locally in Perth on 100% recycled paper with a gorgeous matte laminate cover, to aid in wiping off those pesky kitchen spills) or as an Instant PDF Download. You can order a copy via the blog, here. The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine, Vol 4 is 100% Kale Free *

GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4

Now, onto this classic jam and coconut slice. This is a favourite of mine, along with a few family members and now mothers group girlfriends... yeah, it's just that kind of slice. The base is a light, buttery shortbread with a hint of coconut that goes all golden before you slather it with sticky blackberry jam and spoon over some flaked almonds and coconut to go all golden and crunchy .

You can have fun switching up the jam to your favourite, apricot, strawberry or next winter I'm actually going to make the topping only and spoon it over some cinnamon apples to make a naturally dairy and gluten free crumble. Yum. Bring on winter. Ahem... and it's not even summer here in Perth (just!).

GFScallywag - Blackberry Coconut Slice & Vol 4

So, pop into your kitchen, grab a spoon, a bowl and your scales and get to baking. As that's all you need for this recipe to get into the pan and baking in your oven! Yay for minimal dishes I say!

In all the excitement you best pop over and purchase a copy of The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine too, as there's even more deliciousness to be had if you have a copy at your house for future gluten free baking adventures.

Grab a copy of The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine here. 

Blackberry Jam & Coconut Slice

/ Serves 12 - 15 /

This gluten free take on the classic jam and coconut slice doesn't disappoint. A buttery coconut shortbread is hidden below a sticky blackberry jam that is covered in crisp, golden flaked almonds and coconut. It's soft, chewy, crunchy and slightly crumbly all in one delightful mouthful. 

Nut Free Option*: If you're nut free simply swap the flaked almonds for sunflower seeds or double the coconut in the topping. 

190g gluten free plain flour

60g castor sugar

125g butter, melted

60g desiccated coconut

1/2 teaspoon gluten free baking powder

1 cup raspberry jam

Coconut Almond Topping:

100g flaked almonds *

80g shredded coconut 

40g castor sugar

2 eggs, whisked


Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a 26cm x 16cm tin with baking paper. 

In a bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, butter, coconut and baking powder to combine. Press into the base of the prepared tin. Bake for 12-15minutes; the base will be a light golden colour. 

Allow to cool for 10-15minutes (this aids in the jam not lifting the top of the shortbread base while you spread it out. By all means if you're impatient and you're working with soft, spreadable jam then spread on ahead!). Carefully spread with jam. Warming the jam, so it is soft will help it spread and not lift up the base. 

Combine the topping ingredients together in a bowl and spread over the jam. 

Bake for 20 minutes, until the coconut almond topping is golden on top. Allow to cool completely in the tin. 

Cut the slice into 12-15 squares. Keeps well for 2-3days in an airtight container. 

* My gorgeous girlfriend Cat (who is a superstar mumma, babywearing know all and healthy cooking inspiration, friend and grammar queen) helped edit the magazine and during some 1am deliriousnesswe joked that I should put a little sticker on the back '100% Kale Free'. Funnily enough the magazine is 100% Kale Free, the same as it is 100% Fish Free, it's a fluke. We both eat kale and suggest if you want to add kale to your Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine recipes to simply swap the spinach in any of the recipes for some kale. It's good for you. It's green. #eatyourgreens

The Magazine Vol 3 - The Print Edition is here!

The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine Vol 3

So, I can't quite believe that it's finally here...

After months of testing recipes and weekends spent in my kitchen prepping and photographing I'm so excited to share with you the FIRST EVER Print Edition of The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine !

Locally designed, printed, created and recipe tested in my adopted hometown of Melbourne and now here in the umm... paper! 

This years magazine takes a slightly different turn, with more of a cookbook style layout and no contributors. It's just my Scallywag voice throughout. I'm already looking forward to next years edition (crazy, I know!) and have some great ideas up my sleeve and some wonderful people I want to speak to about contributing, so, that there is a wide range of recipes for you to enjoy.

The Gluten Free SCallywag Magazine Vol 3, 
2013 - Print Edition - Pages
The Gluten Free SCallywag Magazine Vol 3, 2013 - Print Edition - Pages

After all, that's why I've done this mag; for you. Oh, ok, I'll be honest, I also had a massing craving for lamingtons, chocolate cake and cookies one day, so, I thought I'd best put them all in one place, you know, just incase anyone else ever has the same cravings as me and would find a book with all those recipes in one place super handy  :)

I hope you enjoy baking from it as much as I've enjoyed putting it together for you. 

The Gluten Free SCallywag Magazine Vol 3, 2013 - Print Edition - Pages
The Gluten Free SCallywag Magazine Vol 3, 2013 - Print Edition - Pages

To all of you who helped in putting this together, who tasted, gave feedback, listened to my self doubt worries and my squeals of delight at the first purchase. To you who checked over the copy and the mag layouts. To you Emma, Lucy, Cat, Ali and Garry, thank you guys.

Mum thanks for giving me my love of baking. Dad my love for photography. My gorgeous husband, David, for picking me up from the hospital that day and being my absolute rock throughout this 6year journey. I love you.

Finally, to my Grandad, who first called me his Scallywag. I've missed you more than ever this year but I know that you're watching. These tears are happy ones, I promise you.

The Gluten Free SCallywag Magazine Vol 3, 2013 - Print Edition - Pages

Decadent Cheesecake Brownies, For Mum

Decadent Cheesecake Brownie | The Gluten Free Scallywag

There is something about food that brings people together. The joint appreciation or dislike of a food can cause a small fireworks of delight or disgust to ones senses. Lately my home has been overflowing with different aromas (seriously a neighbour complained the other day) from baked cookies to roast chicken, fresh mangoes and sweet, rich homemade fruit mince.

The sweet smell of homemade Christmas cakes and puddings take me

straight back to my childhood

. I remember Mum would come home from work where she ran her own wholesale cake business, supplying Christmas Cakes & Puddings to everyone from small health-food stores to Myer and (back in the day) Aherns. Often she would come home and envelope me in a big hug that, to me, was like eating a big slice of fruit cake.

The brown sugar and sherry lingered

on her clothes and in her hair.

Christmas came midway through the year for us, as Mum would begin baking early to fill orders. This year, I can't help but feel like I've become my mother. I've seen her looking at me through the mirror as I get older and in the way I flick my wrist or do my hair. Recently my gorgeous husband commented 'So this is what it'll be like when you're pregnant?' I was standing in the kitchen just having rolled out some pastry, my legs clad in long black leggings and my oversized, soft grey blue shirt covering the extra bits that have appeared in the making of many a recipe. I looked down at myself and realised, that in my own way I'd become my Mum. A home baker who loved to share her food and doesn't care what she looks like in the comfort of her own home. I know this as there was many a moment that I commented on her flour dusted clothing and that there was no way it was 'going public', at least not if I was going out with her. As for my husband? H gets to go out with me in oversized shirts and my 'good' leggings, that are not dusted with flour. He calls these my sexy liquorice legs.


Mum taught me most of what I know in the kitchen

and, thankfully, to wear different clothes outside of the house to what one has baked in. Although I differ alot from my mother, which is probably where some of my father's traits come through; quick whit, dodgy sense of humour, knowing which way is North and my love of being behind the lens,

I still see her in me

. I'm so proud of my Mum and the life she has led; starting and running a deliciously successful business, loving my father (it can be hard at times), bringing up my brother and I and supporting us all the way. I'm glad that more than just a little bit of you has rubbed off on me, Mum.

Mum & I, March 2005 the day before we moved to Melbourne.

Decadent Cheesecake Brownie | The Gluten Free Scallywag

This cheesecake brownie is decadent and rich

, much like the Mississippi Mudcake that Mum baked at her shop. I must admit that I hated that cake as a child, it was far too rich for me. I always had it with the biggest dollop of whipped cream as to me this made it more 'savoury'. The cheesecake is the 'cream' for this delicious brownie, I'd suggest serving it with the warm fudge sauce that you can find in the latest edition of

The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine (Vol 3)

, along with this recipe.

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since

my last SABH post

! I knew as soon as I saw the

Sweet Adventures Blog Hop

announcement from

Nic Cooks

of 'Say Cheese' that this recipe had to be shared from the magazine, after all what says sweet cheese more than cheesecake? Especially swirled through a rich layer of brownie. Dive in, but make sure you're wearing an oversized shirt to cover the brownie belly that may arrive shortly after...

Decadent Cheesecake Brownies

Serves 8-12


125g butter

180g brown sugar

125g dark chocolate (min 50%)

3eggs, whisked

50g plain gluten free flour

35g cocoa

1/4tsp gluten free baking powder


250g cream cheese, at room temperature

30g castor sugar

1egg, lightly whisked

Preheat oven to 160degrees Celsius. Line the base of a 20cm springform pan with baking paper and grease the edges of the pan.

Place butter, sugar and chocolate in a medium heavy based saucepan and melt over very low heat, until smooth. Allow to cool for 10minutes.

In a large bowl whisk together the flour, cocoa and baking powder. Mix in the whisked eggs and chocolate mixture until just combined. Do not over mix or you’ll have a chewy, tough brownie.

Pour into prepared pan.

To make the cheesecake mixture.

Combine all ingredients in a food processor or beat in a stand mixer until smooth. Dollop on top of the prepared brownie and with the handle of a spoon swirl the cheesecake and brownie mixtures together.

Bake for approximately 45-50minutes until the centre is still just a little bit wobbly.

Allow to cool in the pan.

Serve warm with hot fudge sauce.

Magazine News & Banana Zucchini Morning Muffins

_Z1A9946_glutenfreescallywag_banana Zucchini morning muffins

If you've been a friend (online or in person) for some time you'll know about the annual

Gluten Free Scallywag Magazinethat I've produced the past two years, if not, umm where have you been? If you're new to my blog, then please, go check them out here'sVol 1 and Vol 2 (because there's deliciousness ahead and I want you to be able to bake that deliciousness!)

Go on, I'll wait....

Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten Free Scallywag
Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten Free Scallywag
Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten Free Scallywag
Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten Free Scallywag
Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten Free Scallywag

The magazines feature a collection of gluten free recipes that are homebaked (and tested) for feasting and munching all year round. I created the magazines as an extension of the blog, so that there was one easy place you could go to for your gluten free Christmas baking needs. After all, I did create this space to share gluten free recipes with you, fellow gluten intolerant's, avoiders and Coeliacs alike and perhaps to occasionally vent my dislike of wearing certain shoes with particular outfits...

Ok. So, the good news I've been alluding to on Facebook : this year, I'm doing something a little bit different with the Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine, I'm sending the magazine to print!

Yoikes! I can't believe I've just put that out in the open (does a crazy slightly frightened kind of jig)*

The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine 2013 Print Announcement

The boutique magazine will be filled with gluten free meals and treats to inspire you all year round.

The magazine is being printed locally here, in Melbourne, and will be available in print in early December (just in time for Christmas).

An online e-book available for those who prefer to save the trees.

I'll be announcing further details about pre-ordering your copy shortly and if you'd like to order copies for your cafe, shop, larder or other fabulous four walled store please contact me at jas {@} glutenfreescallywag.com

You can find out more information about The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine Vol 3 Print Edition here and you can order it too!

*Well, technically it already was as my fabulous newsletter subscribers would have received a wee notice a few weeks ago. Thank you for your feedback by the way, it was very helpful. It's ok, you can sign up to read the gossip, I mean sneak peeks here.

Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten Free Scallywag
Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten Free Scallywag
Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten Free Scallywag

Meanwhile, as I finish wrapping my head around the ins and outs of online stores(You can now order your copy here) cooking and shooting please grab your apron and whip up a batch of these delightful gluten & dairy free banana zucchini muffins. They've been made half a dozen times in as many weeks to get me through multiple flights back home, a dairy free birthday party (also nut free see substitutions) and the afternoon work attack of the munchies. They're light and full of delicious banana-ry spice. The addition of zucchini makes them, to me, nearly a breakfast food, so of course I cut down the sugar so they're just sweet rather than cloyingly so.

Enjoy them with a coffee and in a few short weeks you could even make a batch and enjoy one while flicking through your own copy of the Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine! Yooo, are you as excited as I am?

Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten
 Free Scallywag
Gluten Free Banan Zucchini Morning Muffins | The Gluten
 Free Scallywag
_Z1A9961_glutenfreescallywag_banana Zucchini morning muffins
Zucchini morning muffins

Banana Zucchini Morning Muffins

Makes 9 muffins

65g almond meal (or 50g desiccated coconut if you need to be nut free)

1/4tsp mixed spice

1/2tsp cinnamon

1/4tsp bi-carb soda

150g plain gluten free flour

1/2cup light olive oil or vegetable oil- I received some light olive oil from Bertolli that worked perfectly

100g castor sugar, I've been using raw castor lately, I love the flavour

1 egg

1tsp vanilla

1/2cup mashed banana - the blacker the better

1 1/3cup (1 large zucchini) grated zucchini, excess juices squeezed out 


Preheat oven to 170degrees celcius and line a muffin tray with 9 paper cases.

Whisk together the first five ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Whisk the next five ingredients in a large jug to combine.

Pour the wet ingredients into the flour along with the zucchini. Stir until just combined. Spoon into muffin cases and bake for approximately 16-18minutes until a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Cool on a wire rack. Delicious warm or at room temperature.

Will keep for 3days in an airtight container. Perfectly fin on the 3 or even 4th day, simply nuke in the microwave for 10seconds to warm up and soften.

To stay up to date with magazine news, sign up to my newsletterand be sure to say hi on Facebook, Twitter& Instagram look out forthe hashtag #gfscallywagmagazine