Your common questions, answered!

Where are you based?

I live in Perth, Western Australia but from 2011-2014 I lived in Melbourne, Victoria (and loved every moment!)

Why do you eat a gluten free diet?
I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2006. You can read about my journey on my about page.

I'd like some recipe development or food photography for my project/business. Do you do this?
Yes! I do, only gluten free though, as I need to be able to taste it myself. I can't really recommend something I've never tasted.  I'd love to chat about your project, you can view my portfolio at

Do you offer sponsorship on your blog?
Not at this time, but it's something I'm looking into.

What camera do you use?
I shoot with a Canon (much to my father's dismay) up until 2013 I shot with a Canon 1000D and a 50mm 1.8lens. As of late 2013 I shoot with the Canon 5D Mkiii and the same fixed 50mm lens. I have other lenses but tend not to use them for food photography.

Where do you eat gluten free in Perth?
I've compiled a list of gluten free friendly places in Perth & Margaret River here with the help of you, my friendly readers. Please always check items are gluten free at ordering and confirm the kitchen is clued up on cross contamination. Be sure to double check your order is gluten free when it's delivered to your table.

Can I stock The Gluten Free Magazine/Recipe Cards in my shop?
Absolutely! Shoot me an email to jas{@} with the quantity you're after and where you are based and I'll send through wholesale prices.

Do you sell your baked goods anywhere?
Currently I have a stall at the Perth UpMarkets at UWA in November (more details here). You can purchase fresh, handmade gluten free cakes, slices and biscuits there. You can pre-order cakes through my shop.

I don't have buckwheat/quinoa/etc flour on hand, can I substitute?
You can generally substitute small amounts of flour for another. I obviously haven't tried that particular combination, so your results may differ to mine.

Where did you buy your  buckwheat/quinoa/etc flour?
At present I have a small pantry so I've generally been buying these flours from Coles. Loose Produce in Como (Western Australia) also have a great selection of gluten free flours you can buy by the scoop.

If you have a Thermomix you can buy the whole grain and blitz them up to a fine flour in less than a minute and it's really cost effective...once you've bought the Thermomix that is!

I want to use a Plain/All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour blend. Can I substitute for the other flours listed?
Yes, you can substitute the total weight of flours (not including nut meals) for a pre-mix. Be sure to do so by weight and keep in mind this will create a slightly different texture and flavour to the combination listed in the recipe. Your cooking time may also differ slightly if your pre-mix is high in starches.

What pre-mixed plain/all-purpose flour do you recommend?
I, personally, have had best results with White Wings Gluten Free Plain Flour. It's really available at Coles, Woolworths and IGA's in Australia.
If you're in the UK I've heard good things about Doves Gluten Free Plain Flour.
If you're in the US I've heard brilliant things about The Gluten Free Girls All-Purpose Mix swell as Carol's All Purpose Gluten Free Flour.

I live in XYZ country and don't have access to ABC ingredient. What should I use?
Unfortunately, I'll have to defer this question to google as I'm unsure what you do and don't have locally. Sorry and goodluck!

Why do you bake by weight? 
Quite simply, it's more precise and leaves much less margin for error when you bake these recipes yourself. Did you know if you scoop up a cup of flour it could weight anywhere between 140g to 180g? That's a big difference in your recipe and could explain why your cake is too dry or wet.

Digital scales are relatively cheap and most have a handy ounces or grams switch on them depending on where you live so you can easily swap and change if you're using recipes from different parts of the world.

On Cups, Teaspoons, Tablespoons & Eggs. I use standard Australian measures. These differ to other countries. 
An Australian cup measure is 250ml. (I use 150g gluten free flour for a cup)
Australian teaspoons are 5ml.
Australian tablespoons are 20ml (4 teaspoons)
Standard eggs for baking that recipes use are 59g eggs. I always use free range.

Another question? 
Shoot me an email jas {@} or pop over to Facebook and I'll see if I can help.